Lighter Brighter You! is an informative blog authored by Delia McCabe who is based on the
Gold Coast, in Queensland, Australia. A powerful spokeswoman for enhancing
mental well-being via targeted brain nutrition, Delia’s successful first book,
‘Feed Your Brain – 7 Steps to a Lighter, Brighter You!’
has now been followed by ‘Feed Your Brain – The Cookbook’

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Feed Your Brain - The Cookbook


Feed Your Brain – The Cookbook is full of more than 100 neuron-nourishing, colourful and delicious recipes that are quick and simple to prepare.

This book takes the science from Delia’s first book and brings it into your kitchen, including tips, tricks and tweaks to make preparing ‘brain food’ simple and pleasurable. Delia has also included fascinating nutritional facts about the best foods available with which to optimally support your hungry brain.

A brief introduction, followed by tips on how to use the Cookbook and FAQ’s about brain foods, sets the scene for the delicious recipes that follow. Delia has added variations to most recipes so that you can adjust ingredients to suit seasonal availability and personal preferences.

The recipes are all Gluten Free and ‘child friendly’ too, because Delia started her journey into brain food when her children were very young and made sure they enjoyed the food just as much as their friends did! 


About the Author:

Delia McCabe holds a Masters in Psychology and is completing her doctorate with a focus on the relationship between nutrition and female stress. For the past 20 years she has researched the impact of food on brain function, and now presents seminars teaching people how to achieve optimum brain health via nutrition.


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Delia McCabe’s insight and ideas behind her first book, 'Feed Your Brain – 7 Steps to a Lighter, Brighter You!