Delia McCabe, Lighter Brighter You

Delia McCabe

Delia turned her back on conventional talking therapy, after completing her Masters in Psychology. She had discovered that what you eat affects your brain function directly, and that until the brain is properly nourished no amount of talking will get it working optimally. Since then she's immersed herself in the fascinating world of nutrition and the brain and offers a focused and insightful approach - based on solid science - into how specific foods can improve your mood, concentration, memory and learning ability as well as help you stay calm and happy in our busy, stressful world, regardless of your age! People who have listened to Delia speak describe her talks as ‘extremely engaging, enlightening, fascinating, and motivational!'

Delia’s knowledge about the brains requirements for
optimal well being, and her passion for sharing the science in easy-to-understand and practical ways makes her a speaker that keeps her audience enthralled from start to finish.

Delia speaks and presents workshops internationally on the topic of nutrition and the brain and is presently completing her PhD. Her first book 'Feed Your Brain - 7 Steps to a Lighter, Brighter You!' explains the science behind nutrition and brain health and was released mid-2016. Delia’s second book, 'Feed Your Brain - The Cookbook' was released in November 2017, and takes the science into your kitchen to enable the creation of delicious, brain-supportive meals.

Delia engages people by explaining complex science in simple terms, to illustrate the importance of taking care of our brain with specific nutrients. 

Feeding your brain for improved mood, memory, learning and concentration, as well as managing food cravings to reduce excess weight. 

Feeding your child's developing brain to enable their genetic potential for success.

Feeding the stressed brain in a super busy and complex world, so as to improve the brains capacity to relax and rejuvenate.

Delia's Choice of Foods

Delia is often asked about her personal choice of foods.

Delia’s mother appreciated the benefits of a plant-based diet and was an early adopter of homemade sprouts - long before they became fashionable. This approach led to Delia’s continued healthy, plant-based diet when she left home.

What started out as an organic gardening experiment in the backyard, as newly-weds, ended up with the purchase of an organic farm in a fertile valley in the Western Cape, South Africa. Being part of a commercial organic farm deepened Delia’s respect for the practice of growing organic produce and the intricately balanced ecosystem that supports healthy organic food. One of her first activities after emigrating to Australia was to find her closest organic farmers market which she visits every week.

Delia’s food choices are supported by ongoing international research which strongly suggest that we can influence mental health and well-being by choosing a plant-heavy diet.

Work with Delia...

Delia loves to work with and educate the following...

Business owners who are committed to their staff’s mental well being, and who understand that lack of motivation and enthusiasm, depression and anxiety reduce staff effectiveness and increase off-days, which over time, reduce company profitability;

Professionals who understand that their mental performance needs to stay super-high to ensure they keep their edge in an increasingly competitive marketplace;

Educators, such as school principles and teachers who are aware of the rising rates of mental ill health and psychological challenges among our youth, who would like to give their students an edge to improve their school marks and general mental wellbeing;

Parents who are concerned about their children’s psychological health and well being, and who are looking for guidance on how to introduce brain-nourishing meals to their families.

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