Feed Your Brain - 7 Steps To A Lighter, Brighter You!


Feed Your Brain is the ultimate guide to getting your brain in tip-top shape and keeping it healthy via the foods you eat. It has now been proven beyond a doubt that it is possible to improve focus and memory, reduce stress and anxiety, and think more clearly simply by enjoying a diet rich in the right nutrients.

In Part 1 of Feed Your Brain, Delia takes you through her 7-step program, simply and clearly explaining the science behind how the brain works, and showing how vitamins, minerals, fats, oils, carbohydrates and proteins affect brain function.

Part 2 of the book features delicious, quick and easy recipes that can form the basis of your new diet while also providing you with inspiration to come up with your own ideas in the kitchen.

If you have noticed your memory slipping, have trouble focusing, concentrating or learning, or have mood swings and don’t want to go on medication, have poor sleep, or are feeling stressed and anxious all the time, this is the book for you.

Enjoy more happiness, motivation, mental energy and well being by getting your brain to work more efficiently and effectively, simply by learning how to feed your brain.

About the Author:

Delia McCabe holds a Masters in Psychology and is completing her doctorate with a focus on the relationship between nutrition and female stress. For the past 20 years she has researched the impact of food on brain function, and now presents seminars teaching people how to achieve optimum brain health via nutrition.



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Delia McCabe 's insight and ideas behind her new book, Feed your Brain.