Book Reviews

"Delia's book was a true gift. The content was enlightening, easy to read and understand, while giving practical steps to work with immediately! Applying these steps created life changing results in my wellness, both physically and emotionally, and I find myself recommending Delia's work consistently. As a raw food chef, it's also a joy to try recipes that are delicious and nutritious, while being simple to create, many of Delia's have become family favourites, we can't stop making the coconut beans! Thanks Delia for your dedication to making healthy change attainable for all."

Kisane Appleby, Realistically RAW you

Delia's great book containing the delightful and real food-really delicious 7 step plan has literally transformed me in my retirement years into a lighter brighter woman who is not only medication-free at almost 70, but also free to enjoy my darling little grandchildren to the max. 

I can't recommend Delia's expertise highly enough as I would wish everyone to experience the clarity and joie de vivre that is essentially everyone's birthright. For me personally, the greatest gift has been a welcome return to gut health, resulting in the overall well-being of 'lighter', and cognitive clarity, 'brighter'.

Anita Earle, retired child therapist and grandmother of active grandchildren

Dear Delia McCabe,

I am writing to let you know how wonderfully effective your book has been as a resource for some of my clients with mood swings, and many of my adolescent clients who suffer with depression.

As you discuss in your book, food impacts the brain and your book is a fabulously in depth resource for myself as well as for my clients.

I thank you for putting the information in an easy to read, easy to understand book, and thank you in advance for many more informative books that helps us all to eat well for energy, nutrition and pleasure. 

My warmest wishes,

Robyn Rubenstein (MA (Psych) MAHPRA, MAPS, MAAFT, MAJP

"Feed Your Brain" is a powerful book that stands out from the rest. It cuts through so much "noise" out there on what to eat, with mind-blowing facts on the brain-gut connection from scientific studies, yet it is written in an understandable and easy-to-read way. 

I considered myself a fairly conscious eater before I read the book, but it still had me nodding at almost every page.  It sheds so much light on common foods that moved me to clean out my pantry! Much of what is written makes a lot of sense, I dare say it should be "common sense", but a quick scan of supermarket shelves, food ads and fads proves it isn't all that "common" at all, so this book is a great reminder of what foods are actually useful for your brain, mental health and general well-being. In fact, the book inspired me to make changes to my diet and overall lifestyle - as a result, I feel more vitality than I ever have in my life! My thinking is sharper and clearer, and the benefits flow onto other areas of my life, such as better skin and sense of well-being. I gave a copy of this book to my mother, who loved it so much with its simple practical tips and recipes that she immediately ordered copies for family and friends.

This should be a "go-to" book for health and nutrition, and I credit it for the positive changes it inspired me to make in my life through nutrition.

Christine Schneider

Wow, there is so much information in ‘Feed Your Brain - 7 Steps to a Lighter, Brighter You!’ on all aspects of supporting, improving and optimizing brain function. Beautifully presented, with great recipes and fabulous photos!

Udo Erasmus, PhD. Bestselling author of ‘Fats that Heal, Fats that Kill.’

As a holistic Physiotherapist, nutrition has always been of interest to me, because eating well has a hugely positive impact on the body’s ability to manage physical and mental stress, through lowering inflammation and encouraging healing. Although I’ve read numerous books on nutrition - for my family and patient’s benefit - ‘Feed Your Brain - 7 Steps to a Lighter, Brighter You!’ is my favourite resource. It contains everything essential to maintaining a health brain (and body) laid out in an easy-to-understand, well-structured and practical way - with action plans and delicious recipes! I have several copies in my clinic for people to read whilst they wait!

F Tyack, Physio Fit Studio

My family and I have spent the last six months travelling around Australia, during which time we read Delia’s book from cover to cover (more than once I may add) during long drives to distant and remote locations. My husband and I have a close history of dementia in the family and have taken a great interest in Delia’s ability to transfer the science of food and how it has such a profound effect on our brains and subsequent cognition. With two growing children, we especially loved the chapters that talked about food additives as well as the sections about vitamins and minerals. Delia’s book took the time to explain the types of vitamins and minerals that are in foods and what repercussions reduced vitamin/mineral intake has on our health and overall wellbeing. The kids became part of the learning so could observe not just ‘what’ foods are required to stay healthy but ‘why’ the right types of foods keep us energised and functioning optimally. They note this especially when it comes to their moods (and so do we). The lack of back seat arguments and meltdowns is directly linked to the healthier food choices that they’re now learning to make. Thank you, Delia, for helping make our trip a beautiful adventure. The lemon macadamia sorbet was the family favourite. 

Jen Chastre,

Delia’s book ‘Feed Your Brain’ is an outstanding compilation of her extensive knowledge and research on brain health.  Delia has an amazing way of capturing information that makes it easy to understand.  I am passionate about health and wellbeing, but as a busy working mother, I don’t always have time to read lengthy articles.  What I enjoyed about Delia’s beautiful book is the succinct information in every chapter.  The order of information makes it so easy to understand and retain.  I have experienced years of stress and as a result have had a number of illnesses and now have an autoimmune disease.  However, by applying the principles in ‘Feed Your Brain’, my brain function has improved, my memory is recovering and I’m feeling more normal.  I trust the information Delia has shared and I continue to pass it on to my family.  My mother is back playing tennis, four months after heart by-pass surgery, thanks to information of Delia’s that I have shared with her.  Thank you Delia for taking the time to write this book.  I’m very grateful.

Kim Guthrie