I will always remember the first day I saw Delia speak. I felt she was speaking directly to me and I had quiet tears rolling down my face as I realised there may be help for the way I was feeling. I can't imagine what my health would be like now if I hadn't heard Delia speak and subsequently made the changes that she recommended. Delia summarises complex science beautifully, and enabled me to implement changes at home which resulted in positive outcomes for us all, including my young son whose concentration and approach to school work has improved. 

K Guthrie

Attending a talk given by Delia, I was completely amazed at her knowledge and insight. I'm not sure how she crammed so much amazing and thought-provoking information into that hour and a half - it must have taken years of research to condense and present the life changing information Delia shared in such a concise and simple way! Delia is very approachable, friendly, professional and a joy to listen to - I wanted more at the end, as did everyone else in the audience!

Robyn Rubenstein, Psychologist

I have had the great pleasure of hearing Delia McCabe speak on nurmerous occasions. Her extensive knowledge of the importance of feeding and nourishing the brain is not only inspiring, but has taught me so much about taking care of my own health.

Jane Kerr

Delia’s insight into what the brain needs to be fed - and what it’s not getting anymore - explains the energy, weight, fatigue and memory woes that are plaguing the modern brain! Using a unique mix of psychology and neurology, Delia’s genius around the stressed brain, sugar addictions, caffeine cravings and the ever-expanding muffin-top waistline, are unsurpassed! Delia provides hope, answers and solutions!

Tanya Targett

Delia’s warm approach and clear communication skills have left guests mesmerised by her knowledge and ability to convert solid science into practical day-to-day advice.  To see her healthy glow is a testament and a reflection of all the sayings - ‘Practice what you preach’, - ‘You are what you eat’ - Delia ‘Talks the Talk’ and ‘Walks the Walk!!!’ It shows in every facet of her being. She is truly captivating! Her hour and a half talks always left guests wanting more. A highly intelligent, motivated woman, Delia’s approach is simple: keep it real and apply knowledge in practical ways.  

Gregg Cave, Director and General Manager, Gaia Retreat & Spa

I found Delia’s talk nothing short of life-changing. Who knew there was quite so much misinformation out there? I knew there was some, but have been shocked into action by listening to Delia. Without doubt the best hour and a half I have invested in a very long time.

Nicki Morsink, CEO-Harrex Group, New Zealand