Detox salad with Artichoke mayonnaise

Detox salad with Artichoke mayonnaise

Detox Salad with Artichoke Mayonnaise - Lighter, Brighter You

This is a great green salad with a special ingredient! Why did I add artichokes? Each artichoke contains about 10.3 grams of dietary fiber, which is about a third of what we are recommended to eat every day. So artichokes contain enormous 'fiber-punch!' In addition, artichokes also contain silymarin, which is a natural liver detoxifier and cynarin, which helps the liver to produce bile, which helps you process fats. Both of them help your liver cells to regenerate. Enjoy them – they should be added to many of your meals, regularly!


½ head broccoli, finely sliced (lightly steamed to retain the bright color)

½ butter lettuce, roughly broken into pieces

10 - 15 button mushrooms - wiped and sliced thinly

a small bunch rocket, roughly broken into strips

1 cup snap peas, cut into matchsticks, horizontally (lightly steamed or left raw)

small bunch spring onions, finely chopped

1 cup sprouts, sprinkled over salad

3 large red radishes, finely sliced

1 small bunch watercress, broken into bite sized pieces

1 bottle/tin artichokes, (425g/15oz) drained, squeezed and sliced (about 6 – 7 hearts)

Salad dressing

1 bottle/tin artichokes, (425g/15oz) drained and squeezed of excess water (about 6 – 7 'heads')

Rind of one organic lemon

3 Tbsp lemon juice (or to taste)

1 large garlic clove

1 tsp honey

½ - ¾ cup olive oil

1 tsp herb salt


Toss all the vegetables together.

To make the dressing:

Blend all the ingredients together, tasting to see if you need more lemon juice.

We use this dressing as a great dip on its own too – it's got a lovely smoky, nutty flavor! And my children love adding it as a spread on their salad sandwiches.


Add 10-20 spears fresh asparagus (finely sliced, horizontally, and lightly steamed to retain the bright color).

Add a large handful of fresh green beans, topped and tailed and very lightly steamed.