Delia McCabe is a powerful spokeswomen for enhancing mental wellbeing via targeted brain nutrition. 

Delia turned her back on conventional talking therapy, after completing her Masters in Psychology. She had discovered that what you eat affects your brain function directly, and that until the brain is properly nourished no amount of talking will get it working optimally. Since then she's immersed herself in the fascinating world of nutrition and the brain and offers a focused and insightful approach - based on solid science - into how specific foods can improve your mood, concentration, memory and learning ability as well as help you stay calm and happy in our busy, stressful world, regardless of your age! People who have listened to Delia speak describe her talks as ‘extremely engaging, enlightening, fascinating, and motivational!' Delia’s knowledge about the brains requirements for optimal well being, and her passion for sharing the science in easy-to-understand and practical ways makes her a speaker that keeps her audience enthralled from start to finish. Apart from speaking nationally on her topic and presenting workshops,  Delia is presently completing her PhD, specifically focused on the effect that nutrients have on the stress levels of women, and her book ‘Feed Your Brain - 7 Steps to a Lighter, Brighter You!’ will be available in Australia mid year.